Great apps begin with a sketch


We believe that the best apps are a product of a collaborative process. Stakeholders should be involved from the beginning and their ideas should be considered as early as possible. WytePad is a simple way to facilitate collaboration. Everyone can doodle their own thoughts, pick up the WytePad, and discuss the use of the app.

Two designers sitting a table drawing on WytePads

Prototype in minutes

WytePads work great with the Marvel app. Use the editor to take snaps of all your sketches, link your screens together with interactive areas and transitions and have a working prototype running on your smart device in no time. See our guide to get started with your own prototypes.

Marvel app has been used to create a prototype from sketches on a WytePad

Feel your design

WytePads are ideal for visual brainstorming and testing ideas. Sketch out your design in no time. Real device sizes forces you to reflect on screen estate and enables you to feel the possibilities and limitations. Wipe, iterate and hold your design in your hand.

Guy holding a WytePad in his hand to test if buttons are placed rightly

Companies doing great design with WytePad