Teaching a classroom

The program

The workshop was divided into four main parts.

Students developing their app idea using WytePads

Iterative design session

The idea behind the app development session is to introduce the students to quick iterations and user feedback. To do this we gave them the task of creating a new weather app, having them focus on target users, how it should work and its core features. To facilitate this we made a tight schedule describing the task and the amount of time they had to complete the task. The schedule was:

Students using WytePads to brainstorm app ideas A sketch of a students app idea after just a few minutes of work A group of students presenting their app idea using WytePads as a medium to talk from


Using WytePads as a design tool with the high school students that participated in our workshop was an efficient and inspiring way for them to share ideas. However the students did have a hard time dealing with the fact that they had to create crude sketches to complete the tasks within the allotted time. It turned out to be so difficult for them that we had to pause the workshop momentarily while we explained that: trying to make pixel perfect design is not just against the principal of the tool at hand, but also not productive in this stage of an app development process. As a result the students became more relaxed and able to produce useable concept sketches.