WytePad paper

WytePad Paper Edition

Sketch it before you make it.

Sketching and wireframing mobile designs as a way of fleshing out product ideas, interactive concepts etc. is a great way of gaining insights into how a design or concept could work. This is essential to insure a great product experience for the user and lower development cost.

To make it easier to do sketching of apps we created WytePads - small whiteboards with the shape and size of iOS and Android devices.

Now you can print your own WytePads for free!

We have made this set of smart device templates that you can download as a PDF. It includes paper versions of all the existing WytePads - that is why it is called WytePad Paper.

Simply download and print the templates and start sketching.

WytePad Paper also works great with our WytePad Scan app. It is an easy to use tool for taking pictures of your sketches. It automatically corrects perspective, crop them ad fixes the lightning levels. This makes it super easy to share WytePad paper sketches with frinds and collegues or use cool prototyping tools like eg. Marvel app.

Give it a try and see if you like working with WytePads

Download WytePad Paper