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We made three different packages for use in the classroom with approximately 30 students grouped into 10 teams. If you need a different sized package just drop us an email or use the contect form bellow.

Teaching with WytePads

In our learn section we have gathered information on how to get the most out of WytePads. This contains guides for getting started as well as material on the iterative design approach. For educational use you should also check out the WytePad Scan app that can be used to take pictures of WytePads. This makes it easy for the students to document their work as they progress.

For Danish STX, HTX etc. a suggestion as to how a course could be structured can be found on iftek.dk/app-udvikling-med-wytepad

All packs a designed based on classes with up to 30 students divided into 10 groups


269.99 €

Not including VAT

30 phones*

10 erasers

10 black markers


514.99 €

Not including VAT

50 phones*

6 tablets*

10 erasers

20 black markers


944.99 €

Not including VAT

50 phones*

30 tablets*

20 erasers

20 black markers

10 packs with colored markers**

* Available as: iOS, Android or Combination packs

** A color marker package contains a green, a red, a blue and a black pen.

Please send us your order inquiry using the form below, and please enter as many details as you can as to what you would like and we'll get back to you as fast as possible!

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